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    Anyone have experience with Fieldsheer suits? The Cyclone suit (see link), is the new model from their Highland series. Anyone have any experience.

    Sizing? I'm 6'2", 200 lbs 34X34 pants
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    I have heard things before about the seams ripping out in their products
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      dont know about the suit .. but my waterproof jacket is starting its second year and its great
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        I have a FieldSheer Mesh jacket that is several years old now and going strong. I also use the Fieldsheer 2 piece rain suit and have had it going on 2 years again no complaints
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          Most of my gear is Fieldsheer and nothing but good, other then a pair of gloves that wore thin quick. I've had one jacket for 2 seasons and the other I for almost that long. I like both much better then a Joe Rocket jacket I have. I also grabbed 2 other pairs of gloves frm them and both are very nice and are lasting well.
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            I'm a big fan of the jackets that have zippers that can zip into the matching pants, that way it could be one peice or 2 if you wanted it to be
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              There's a write up on it in what I would imagine is the current issue of "RIDER" magazine (I have a subscription, so I'm not sure if that issue has hit the stands yet).

              But my previous experiences with friends wearing fieldsheer keep me from buying from them (low quality goods that didn't stand up to real-world impacts well).

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