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  • a little secert about Icon

    I bought a Daytona Jacket by Icon and the other day I went to go put something in the inside packet and what I found in the pocket kind of touched my somewhat small heart, Hanging on a thether was a charm of Saint Christopher Protect Us now I am not cathloic or anything close but is that a real Saint or is it just a "keep it safe" charm from Icon? Either way I thought it was nice of them to add this to the jacket and then to put it close to the heart. Feedback?
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    Yeah I noticed the same thing in both my jacket and vest. I thought it was a nice little touch I guess they figure if someone dosent like it they can remove it.
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      got mine in my jacket, and i do believe he has protected me on s few occasions... The only time I was in an accident, I was wearing a diffrent jacket...

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        Nice touch. Just make sure your wits are your first line of defense.
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          They do this in all their jackets. It is very cool!!!
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            all their jackets have one. my old jacket had one, but since i don't wear it anymore, i cut the token out and put it on my key chain. i am in no way religious... but having played baseball my whole life, i'm rather superstitious lol
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              That is really cool! I have always planned on getting an Icon jacket for my next jacket.
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                I -think- he's the patron saint of travelers...if I remember correctly. And that's very, very cool. I have a JR jacket and pants but Icon, um, everything else.

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                  Wow. My LBZ jacket came with a...comdom pocket, that says "It's all about a safe ride." on it. Not much in the way of meaningful symbolisim there...

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                    My bike has a bell, but my Jacket only has the Dainese Devil on the back.
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                      St. Christopher is the Patron Saint of Travelers.

                      That's cool that ICON does that. It shows that a corporation can still show a little compassion for the safety of its consumers. I never knew they did that.
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                        I didn't get one in my Pursuit jacket from Iron Pony. Maybe it was snatched. I did like the "Ride Among Us" perforated on the inside though.
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                          Originally posted by Scout View Post
                          Wow. My LBZ jacket came with a...comdom pocket, that says "It's all about a safe ride." on it. Not much in the way of meaningful symbolisim there...



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                            I'm no Christian, but that is pretty cool..


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                              Originally posted by Black_peter View Post
                              I'm no Christian, but that is pretty cool..
                              Ditto. They just got a bit of respect back in my eyes.
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