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Chase Harper 1150 Tank Bag

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  • Chase Harper 1150 Tank Bag

    I got this one used off of eBay. It had no instructions on mounting but I figured it out. Lot's of expandable compartments. I was able to get a quite a bit of stuff in the lower compartment. Mainly because I was too lazy to expand it out and use the top compartment. So there I was stuffing (2) two liters into the lower compartment last night. I already had other stuff in there. I really put a test on the zippers. I can attest that the zippers are very strong.

    So anyways. I'm liking it. And here are a couple pics to show how it looks on the Katana. Non magnetic mounting. The pad under the bag is supposedly scratch proof. It can really expand out too.

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    I can dig it.
    Did it come with a shoulder strap?
    Get out and ride!


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      No, just the carry handle. I usually just leave it on the bike though unless it is going to rain.