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  • FM radio

    Does anyone know of a compact FM radio that works well on the bike?

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    What about an mp3 player...I don't know about all of them, but I know some of them have fm receivers built in (my Zune does).

    Or, are you looking for something like a speaker system and radio?
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      You can get an "ok" FM Reciever or MP3 player....what will make a difference with road noise, is the earphones. If you get regular ear buds you will still have alot of wind noise to deal with. And they don't stay in place all that well. Get a set of earphones that are "fitted" (or) the "plug" types. They will block out more outside noise and allow you to hear the music,,,,but be will also lose the abillity to hear what is going on around you.


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        I have a Sansa mp3 with a radio which works fine.
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          I too have bought a few mini FM radios to listen to the radio while on long rides. im not really a guy who likes to make play list so i just find a station i like and listen to it all the time! like KWOD! but i knida gave up on trying to find a fm radio that will pick up kwod.
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            I have the sansa as well. Picked it up for $40 but I replaced the earphones that came with it with the skullcandy earplugs. Works great in the helmet and reduces wind noise.


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              I used to have an XM Roady on a RAM mount hardwired to the Kat. That was when the economy was good.
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                I have the normal Zen Stone w/o FM......and it works great for me. Not iTunes only software, plays all formats, easy to set up, has a shuffle, I added some Koss bud type earphones (that I wore out) and recently bought Skull Candy (or whatever they are called) I like the Koss (fit wise) better, but not enough to buy 'em yet.

                Works great for me.

                My next player will have FM and will take batteries. Sucks to be on a road trip and not have a way to charge the USB Stone.

                Also it's easy to put on shuffle or even change tracks with the Stone in my pants pocket, while riding.


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                  I didn’t know some mp3 players had FM on them. I’ll try one out. Thanks,