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zipper size on top of new pants

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  • zipper size on top of new pants

    so i just got my tour master apex air perforated leather pants from new enough (if you order there don't forget to trhow a dollar back to KR). i already have a moto gp corkscrew leather jacket. my only problem is the zipper from the jacket to the pants is off. the zipper on the pants is way smaller the that on the jacket. has anyone had this problem ? if so how did you fix it ? just a side note... i wear a 34x32 pants. but got the 36x30 (large) for these. they fit well. snug, not too tight or loose and not too short.
    carpe diem

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    I know when I looked (and have a tourmaster jacket and pants), both had the other side of the zipper attached. You may have to remove the zipper off your jacket and sew, or have sewn, the opposite side of the zipper where the previous one was. I know some folks have had to reverse the direction of the zippers to accomdate mating different makes of equipment together.

    My 2p on the situation.


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      thanks depths of mind. my jacket does have an extra bit of fabric on an extra zipper. maybe i'll take them to the local dry cleaners and see if the can mate up my pants and jacket.
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