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New gear for me!

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  • New gear for me!

    I just picked up some new gear!

    First Gear "Speed Freak" jacket:

    I already have a leather jacket, but it's one of the "Suzuki Racing" type. It's a great jacket; but I found myself wanting something a bit more low-key, without all the checkers and patches. Plain black is certainly less flashy

    AXIO Swift hard shell backpack:

    I LOVE THIS THING!!! I started out just looking for a laptop case. While poking around New Enough's website I came across these. Hardshell protection, and it's made to ride with. The quality looks first rate and my computer fits perfectly. I know in the pic it looks like it won't fit, but when you zip it closed it fits like a glove. It isn't the biggest pack out there, but it holds my laptop, powercable, and all the odds and ends I typically take with my computer.

    BTW, New Enough lists these packs for ~$150 but if you go to Axio's web page you can get them in silver or red on closeout for $99.
    I like you. When the world is mine your death will be quick and painless.

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    Cool. Wingspan. Like the Jacket. How much did you have to give for it? I am looking for just a good leather jacket also. Like the backpack. How does it feel when you are wearing it?


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      Retail for that jacket is $399, I've seen them on-line for $360-375. I paid $300, but I've got a hook-up and get stuff a bit cheaper than most.

      The pack is great, once it's on it doesn't move at all. It is a bit hard to get on and off with the riding jacket, but that's because the sleeves in my riding jackets don't leave you with much mobility in your arms. Otherwise it goes on and off like any other backpack, but I think it's more comfortable that most because it holds it's shape and doesn't sag down your back.
      I like you. When the world is mine your death will be quick and painless.


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        Thanks Mark. I might look into getting the pack. Be better to if it starts to rain while you are out. Keep things nice and dry.