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Motorcycle Mitts?

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  • Motorcycle Mitts?

    I'm looking for something to keep the hands a little warmer as the temps drop here in Colorado. Lots of gloves; no mitts. Other than the fact I'll look like a geeb , any reason?

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    Go to see what they have. Yo can also go to They carry gortex gloves. Hope this helps you out..


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      Mittens? While riding? No way! Other than the fact you should brake with your whole hand, I've never seen mittens thin enough to give you decent feel of the controls...


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        Up here in the great white North we know a thing or to about the cold. One idea might be to slip some "Hot Shots" in your gloves. "Hot Shot" are small tea bag sized heaters. They come in a vacuum sealed bag and when you open it, they heat up for a few hours. On the back side of my gloves there is a small pocket and the Hot Shots would fit in there perfect but us Canadian's don't really need them. Don't forget we live in igloos and drive dog sleds to work.
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          HotShots are awsome, great while skiing.
          We Candanians have winter racks on our bikes for our skis and snow shoes.
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            I actually had to ride with mittens..ONCE....long story, but suffice it to say, it was definately a bit difficult trying to keep a grip on the clutch and front brake without ur mittens sliding off to the side of the lever..


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              Jackal wears mitts when he rides - I know 'cause I lent them to him
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                I have seen mittens designed for motorcycles. When I was in Korea they had mittens that mount to the handlebars and go around the hand grip. The grip, and levers are inside the mitten, and you just put your hand into it and ride off. They looked VERY effective and warm as h*ll. I didn't have a bike at the time so I didn't buy any, but if I ever go back over there........ Maybe I can contact a friend of mine over there and get some.


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                  Yeah, there are products like that for atv's the whole handlebar is covered, looks pretty warm. Check an atv parts store.
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