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    This is the stuff that pro players wear under there uniforms and also our military uses it as well. Thought I would throw out the website. Kind of expensive but it gives you and idea and you can something close to it. This is good stuff to wear under your leathers. Makes them easier to get on and off. So visit

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    Good link HS!! 8)

    I've got the Nike version of the shirt... much less $$$ and works the same.

    They are well worth the $$$$ IMO. Spent a week in my leathers in the Tennessee humidity in July and the shirt kept me cool and dry.

    My next purchase will be a pair of the pants.

    Have you ever tried taking off a pair of leathers in Tennessee after riding all day?!?! It took me 10 mins to get my damn pants off! (not good when you REEEEALLY gotta hit the bathroom)


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      DUH I live here remeber. It sucks big time. That is why I am looking into this stuff. I am going to look at other stuff. I was able to get a a loose fit under armour shirt. I only Paid $20 for it, but that was at FT. Campbell KY.


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        Originally posted by Highsight2020
        DUH I live here remeber.
        Ya my comment was for the general public... I KNOW YOU LIVE THERE!!


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          I have recently found something much cheaper, but not 100% sure it's the same material. Pretty sure, but not 100%. For us Canadians it's cheap, and readily available. Go to Canadian Tire, or any other sports store, and look for the hockey equipment section. I think all the equipment manufacturers make their own brand of shirt and pants to go under your equipment. Also, when riding season starts is when the hockey equipment stuff is on clearance for the season

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            Ok I found some stuff yesterday that is just like under armour. I found it at Academy Sports. The name brand is BCG. It fits just like under armour does. Long sleeve shirt cost me $19.99 and the shorts I got were $14.99 so alot better price wise. I will give an update this Sunday on how it feels under my leathers as long as it does not rain. here is the website


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              The under armour is actually very functional too. I use it for college football here in duluth Minnesota. If you get the right stuff it'll keep you very warm


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                i have the under armour socks for hockey ......LOVE THEM get them ...defworth the 14 bux or whatever they are ...


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                  i have a shirt, under shirt (short sleeve skin tight), socks, and boxer brief underwear. they are all awsome. keep you warm, or on a hot day just snap it against your skin and cools you off very nicely. never wore the underwear riding, but im sure it would work alot better than wearing cotton

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