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Anyone have use this Icon Helmet?

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  • Anyone have use this Icon Helmet?

    Found this Icon Helmet

    Just wondering if anyone owns one, or maybe has used one. Just wanted to hear some feedback on it about wind noise, venting in hot weather, stuff like that.

    Thanks Much!
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    I know nothing about their helmets, but I've heard less than great things about their gloves destructing/shredding during a crash.

    Wish I could offer something more concrete other than a friendly suggestion to really do your homework.

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      i have this very helmet. i like the visor change system. really easy. the venting looks cool but doesn't really seem to let more air in than my old AGV the the air exhaust in the chin area works nicely. it is noisy though. helmet noise compiled with a d&d and a long trip makes for a nasty headache. i do like the fit. it feels great and has pockets for headphone/communicator speakers which is cool. the finish is rather touchy ( scatches easily) i would recommend the rubbatone version. over-all... pretty good helmet on a budget.
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