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size does matter

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  • size does matter

    you folks are so freakin lucky I wish i could wear boot sizes (U.S) 10, 11,or12, OR 13, hell it be nice to wear a 14 but N000ooo.... i got stuck with 15s and cant find shite.
    boots in size 15 usually looks like dog shite, and feels even worst.
    dang-near imposible to find decent race boots in that size. Gotta get some not-so cheap imitations 1/2 cow,1/2 chipmunk,held together by
    horse (glue)

    so if your round these parts and see a squid wearing complete gear down to the sandels its me not a squid. just sporting the new IICANTs
    or SQUIDIES. or some other knock offs that fell apart during a ride
    a voice came to me and said, sacrifice that which you love the most (my girl and my bikes)
    so i lied and gave up my girl.