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Cheap Helmets Good??

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  • Cheap Helmets Good??

    A very interesting article appears in this month's Motorcyclist.
    It seems the bargen helmets offer better brain protection than more expensive models. The "got a $100 brain? get a $100 helmet" quote seems to have some holes in it.

    Of the helmets tested the under $100 Z1R helmet, transfered the fewest gs to the test rig. The plastic shell also survived the Death Drop, a 13 foot drop that exceeds the Snell 10 foot drop by , well 3 feet but the big deal is that the extra 3 feet exacted a extra 25% of force to the helmet.
    The cheapo helmet did it's job, wow.
    Some numbers?
    Helmet: Number of Gs (the force of gravity lower is better)
    Z1R DOT: 152
    AGV Ti-Tech DOT: 169
    Icon Alliance (mine eeep) snell 2000: 183
    Arai GT snell 2000: 201
    HJC AC11 snell 2000: 204
    All helmets are DOT but Snell rated helmets actually transfered more energy to the brain. This is bad. This is a controversal article but makes sense. In order to survive the hard Snell test, a helmet needs to be strong, too strong. A helmet is supposed to be disposable. To that end it should absorb a lot of energy therefore it should crack like an egg, and the foam inside should collapse soaking up the energy of the impact before it gets to your tender brain. Go figure, sure you can get a high end ($600) helmet that does this but in the all important $300 range less is more.

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    My only stipulation for a helmet is that it has fiberglass internal instead of foam

    Good article!


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      yes i have to second that fact that it is a great article
      The lord is the only passenger I ride with


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        Im actually reading this article as we speak. So far, yes it's very informative.

        Ive always been of the thinking that just because it costs less, doesnt mean the quality is. (obviously that is indeed the case in some areas and some products, but not always)... My vega lid has DOT/Snell certs, kevlar/fiberglass shell, well vented, lightweight, comfortable, and looks sweet! Only paid 175.00 for it on sale.. normal price was 230.00 and still a bargain at that.


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