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Draggin Jeans

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  • Draggin Jeans

    Anybody use them, have an info on them at all ? Have seen similar types on as well .

    Draggin Jeans

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    I think I like them.....Phil (Dingo from KP...haven't seen him in here yet) has a pair. They look really comfortable...don't know if he's had to test them yet tho...


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      I can't comment on the Draggin jeans but I do own 2 pairs of ICON Recon jeans. I believe they're about the same. I went down wearing a pair this last April and even though I dragged a bit and rolled there was only a small hole through the front pocket (my keys were in the pocket). I was doing only 45 mph. My knee was banged up enough to require 4 months of physio but the jeans were intact other than the pocket. I bought a replacement pair after the crash. I assume the draggin jeans would hold up even better since I believe you can add armor - something you can't do with other jeans.

      Obviously, leather will hold out better and would recommend armored textile or leather for any highway driving. I guess it all depends on the type of driving you do. I have leathers, textile and the ICON jeans and choose the appropriate one depending on the riding I will do.

      I wear the ICON jeans to work because of the convenience. I'm a teacher and don't always have the time to change from my leathers when I get to school. I also wear them when it hits high 80's and 90's here in Ottawa (yes we do have a summer and it's quite hot!).

      My 2 cents worth...hopefully someone with an actual pair of Draggin jeans can help you decide. Good luck. 8)


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        Im not necessarily limiting myself to just draggin jeans, Ive heard good things about the icons as well, thanks for the info! I'd definately prefer something along these lines, as they are much less expensive than leathers, but still offer adequate protection. IMO


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          I've got some Draggins. They are made here in Oz after all

          My pair is very comfy and the Kevlar coverage is great. Kevlar is nice and soft, so you don't really even notice it. I just got the plain black jeans, as I didn't like the fit of the cargos as much.

          Best to try a pair on if you can I would think.

          I can't talk about their quality in a crash from personal experience, but there are plenty of comments on their website -
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            about $100 a pair, makes you think.