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what do you think of these boots?

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  • what do you think of these boots?

    i know there not name brand or anything but they seem pretty sturdy,

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    I just bid on them 10 times and jumbed the price up for you. Now you can get them ROFLMAO

    NICE, also check
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      hey, any brand of boot is better than wearing sneakers.. so if you like them, and they are in ur price range, go for it.


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        Those are Nitro's...I think a couple of people here wear Nitro's


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          Screw on toe sliders!!!
          Mine have velcro.. I think I lost the first slider in
          New Hampshire, I forget when the other one went missing..


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            My Nitro Sport boots fit me now, I wore them for the first time on Sunday, they are pretty comfortable to ride in. Did you get the wining bid?


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              i would try them on, i baught some alpinestars off ebay for a 100 bux whent he book for about 240 and i got lucky, they fit fine and feel quite comfortable, boots are the type of thing where you really need to try them on at a store first then get the good deal on line lol


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                especially the european boots.. man those sizes are quite ticky tack, and not so general fitting as other boots are.