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  • Icon Ti-Max Gloves Opinions

    I'm looking at the Icon Timax gloves (short version). Does anyone have any opinins on them? I've been looking at them and my wife informed me the other day that she wanted to get me a pair? What a sweet woman.

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    I like the amount of protection they provide, and would wear them on the track. For everyday riding they are a little too gaudy(sp) for me.

    Can your wife call mine and give her some pointers?


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        They are dog ugly and I have some doubts about ICON's quality.

        For me, I'll pass...
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          I think they are a little gaudy and for the price not worth it.


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            The styling is a bit over the top for me but how boring would it be if we were all the same, right?

            Here is a pretty good writeup on them.

            Looks like the sizing runs a little small so if your ordering them you might want to consider that.
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              Originally posted by paperairplane
              They are dog ugly and I have some doubts about ICON's quality.

              For me, I'll pass...


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                No thanks, I prefer to spend money on gear that's more about actual protection than bling.
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                  I'd be concerned about scratching the bikes paint with those things.


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                    I just got me a pair of Tour Master Cortech Comp Carbon II gloves. They are quite comfy, and direct more air across my hands than I thought they would, whitch keeps my hands nice and cool.


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                      Ive got a pair of them. They are definately the beast of all beast gloves...

                      I dont wear them all the time, I usually just wear my rocket phoenix gloves, which are lightwieght, and quite comfortable.

                      The timax gauntlet ones that I have, are as sturdy a glove as you'll find. All the protection is secured to the glove very well by all accounts, and its got skid protection on the palms, but you have to be careful with these; if you tend to rest your hands on your tank at a stoplight or something, you'll scratch the snot out of your paint job if your not careful. They are quite warm and work well as a winter riding glove or possibly for a track day.. but your hands will definately sweat in them in the heat.

                      overall though, they are a solid glove and definately something you'll be glad you have if you ever go down.


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                        way too much bling for me, I think Icon's stuff is very ugly. And I also have a lot of questions with their quality.

                        But.....I know a guy who lowsided in those gloves and they didnt wear through at all, his hands were fine
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                          Oh , I DIG the midievil gauntlet look , but I already have good gloves . Plus those things ain't too cheap . Plus , I too have heard things about Icon gear that makes me a bit leary ....
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                            when i see icon gloves one thing comes to my mind .... POWER RANGERS. However i have heard the gloves are quite resiliant and the timax jackets offer great protection but i have not worn any so hearsay hearsay right just my penny .
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                              Originally posted by OtLa
                              I like the amount of protection they provide, and would wear them on the track.
                              No way I would. If you lowside you could possibly slide with your hands down for quite a while. Metal, even on the palm side? No thank you. I've seen too many burns from sliding without metal there to carry even more heat...

                              Like with virtually all Icon gear, I'll pass...

                              Oh, and if you're serious about protection, forget any short gloves. The point of the gauntlet is to protect your wrist in the even of your jacket sleeves riding up during a slide...