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anybody have any exp. w/this?

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  • anybody have any exp. w/this?

    looking for something to carry stuff in on my way to work will get the bags to for the longer trips anyone have any luck with these?

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    ive not personally used these, but it looks like a pretty sweet setup, and you cant go wrong w/ new enough...dont forget, we are not partners (so to speak) w/ them so check out the thread in the katriders members store for more info. :P

    im also looking forward to not using a backpack any more riding to and from work since i just purchased a tank bag from another member here.


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      ya i just need something to carry my change of clothes with me to work and phones and such tired of stuff blowing off the net as a matter of fact new enough is where i buy everything from got my new helmet there my jr jacket my gloves and a jacket for my brother i just noticed tonight in the sticky that there is a partnership which i will most certainly use from now on i think i am gonna order the whole setup from them this summer sometime
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        Well , I did quite well with a backpack strapped to my seat for a couple years , so ...
        But I think you'll be pleased with the actual luggage you've picked out .
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