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  • fieldsheere pants

    I found thes pants at brochton cycle and I was wondering if anyone has had any experiance with this brand. I know they are probably not the best but I can afford them. I figure it is better to have cheap gear than no gear.
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    ive not used this brand so I cant say either way..but hey, atleast its gear right! and they're definately you ! nice and loud !


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      Pic isn't showing for some reason but I wear Fieldsheer and I like it a lot. Fits my cut well and has lots of double stiching. My perfed suit gets plenty of air and I can wear it all day without getting uncomfortable.

      I had fieldsheer pants previus to the ones I have now that I sold to Reece, he went down at a fair clip and said there was only one spot that the seam gave a little but that they held up extremely well.

      I know Tzortn wears Fieldsheer too and he likes his stuff equally as well. Not a top brand but certainly not at the bottom of the list either.
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