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Looking for tail luggage

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  • Looking for tail luggage

    I was wondering if anyone had a link for the hard-case luggage that attaches to the tail of a Kat 750... and acts as a back rest?

    I know Range had one on his bike...

    Edit: Whoops, not Range... my bad! Memory fails me...

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    I did? Wow.......but I think I didn't.

    Givi makes the best case...Cyber has one...he will give you all the info!


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      I got a luggage rack from that bolts onto the grab rail , and I COULD get a trunk from JC Whitney with a backrest pad deal on it . Rack was about $100 , and case is about $80 .
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        You might want to check this one out.

        I have a tail bag that hooks on with bungee cords (sorry I do not remember the brand). I only use it when I really need the space. The rack that md86 has looks really useful.


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          I've got a gel pad on my top case, I think you can get them separately (mine is of the Kappa brand - cheap Givi) and put them on just about any brand case you get...
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            I have a 3pc givi with a wingrack that came with my bike when I bought it. very very practical. expensive as hell here though. at the dealers, the whole setup is close to $1500.
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