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  • Best Leather Pants

    I have a pair of First Gear leather pants I've been wearing around for about a year. I've read some reviews around online and I was wondering who makes the best leathers - especially the pants. Does anyone have any insight on this? I don't want to drop 300 bucks on a pair of pants only to have them come apart on me. The last thing I want is to literally lose my a$$ both at the store and on the street.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dainese & Vanson

    then Alpinestars

    then Joe Rocket

    then First Gear

    IMHO of course


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      JP right but the best for the buck IMHO Joe Rocket!!!
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        I don't know who's best, but having a pair that zips to your jacket is a must in my opinion.

        I have the JR perforated Speedmasters and love them.

        there's also (in no special order)

        Frank Thomas

        You can go to a site like motorcyclegearreview but mostly they are just write ups about comfort, fit and apearance. Personally I'd prefer some first hand crash experience. That's why I always ask people who post of a crash to post pics of thier gear and say how it held up.


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          Wonder how my Teknic stuff will fare next crash ... I like em quite a bit . Only complaint is a somewhat small zipper in the back . It's only like 8" , and I'm worried that it might come apart in a serious slide .
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            There's nothing wrong with firstgear..alot of people wear it, and love it.

            I like rocket leathers personally, and dainese ..those are my top 2..either of which I'd have no problem wearing and feeling safe in each time I go out.

            Unfortunately the price isnt anything to write home about as they are pretty expensive... but newenough has alot of good prices on leathers for you to check out... and also one of our vendors here, speedwerks, can probably get you a kickazz deal too!!


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              I have Vanson chaps that I crashed in..
              Low side face down slide.. Tore through the toe of my shoe.. But to this day I can't see any damage to the chaps..