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  • Helmets

    What are some ideas for a real good lookin helmet that want hurt too much in the pocket. Right now , I have a Fulmer AFS7 but it seems heavy. Hard on the neck on those long rides.

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    Hey Cav. I have an AGV for sale. How much are you looking to spend? You can see the helmet in my ride profile and on the homepage. Let me know. It is a an AGV Demon Top. It comes with a clear and tinted shield.


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      You can find some reasonabley priced Shark helmets. Jackal and I have one and love them.
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        Depends on how much you really wanna spend to be honest.

        Vega is a real nice lid for a fair price.. as is HJC


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          I've seen the KBC VR-1 Euro's pretty cheap online, the new Scorpion lids are also at a decent price.


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            I still think HJC is the best value out there. They have some hot looking helmets for real cheap

            Check this out, and this website is AWESOME to deal with

            Ive got the CL-14 and Im very happy with it. Thats 85$ on closeout, not gonna beat that
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              Got mine for $100 , and I like it .
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                I currently have a HJC and like it...looking into the Scorpion Helmets...not a bad price on them...if you can find a dealer and SuperStreet bikes did a small review on it and gave it a really good write up...Their 400 series is nice and the 700 series are supposed to be really lite....
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                  look into AFX... HJC are ok, BUT noisy....

                  i have a shoei... u can find Shoei's for good prices.... around 220 or so... that are usually in the 400-600 range....


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                    I think a minimum everyone needs to ask about helmets they're buying is the packing material....

                    The cheap ones use styrofoam for impact where good one use fiberglass.