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Need input on gloves-UPDATE

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  • Need input on gloves-UPDATE

    wondering if anybody is using these? seems like a good deal, but i'd like to get some real feedback on them.

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    looks good to me..price is right


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      I'll take a pair of blue since you are offering
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        thats a helluva price, I'd go for it..IMO, rocket gloves are great, so you can't go wrong. I love mine.


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          3 reviews here

          I don't have speedways but I do have a pair of Phoenix and Highside gloves and they are good, grabbed the little guy some blaster gloves for $17 at the last bike show.

          The only bad thing I've read is some comments on the GPX gloves last year.


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            well, i ordered them tonight so i'll try to update this thread after a ride with them.

            oh, sorry Thazkat, i forgot to order yours.


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              i have the meteor and nitrogen gloves...

              I like them both..
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                Looks like a pretty good deal! Go for it, and if they are crap, sell them on EBay for more than you paid!
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                  I have/had some Joe Rocket Nova gloves. They stood up pretty well in my prang, considering.

                  I was pretty much lying on my left glove as I slid up the road, and I only have a couple of minor marks on my hand where it wore through.

                  I might even get the same gloves again. Depends on the fit of some others that I'll try out on Saturday.

                  Pics will come soon for the people interested. Keep an eye out.

                  (Actually, that is assuming the digital camera still works - it was under my seat. But my phone still works and it was under there too)
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                    i got the gloves today, and WOW! what a difference in quality from $40 gloves to $90 gloves. the fit feels great, and they just *feel* like a better glove. i went out in the garage and sat on the bike with them and they feel nice there too. the problem i've had with other glove is that they feel alright, but when you get your hand around the bar, they kinda pull on my thumb. these don't feel that way so far. i'll update again after a ride or two, but i'd say if you need gloves, get these while they have them. oh, and as if i need to tell anyone, great service from newenough once again.