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Teknic Boots? Pros/Cons

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  • Teknic Boots? Pros/Cons

    Looking for some boots & saw some of these on ebay. Are they worth spending the bucks or should I just save some more for some Alpinestars? Thanks in advance, Andy.

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    Technic makes alot of boots .... I have some Alpinestar Ridge boots (there's actually a thread about that somewhere) that were about $100 . I'd say SOME boots are better than NO boots . Anything with good ankle support and a reinforced sole (some boots have plastic or metal in the sole to retain shape) would be a good place to start .
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      Thanks for the repsonse. Yeah, I'd already figured out shoes were not going to work very well.


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        technic makes alot of boots yes, and having any boots is better than none at all. If you like them and they are affordable to ya, go for it !! Ive looked at these too, for when I get a new pair in the spring.


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          Bought a pair of Teknic Defender's off ebay last night. Got them to hte house for $59, so figured I did ok.


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            I say you did okay, two years ago I paid $140.00 for the pair of Teknic Defenders I got from eBay.

            Great boots, really kill the vibration, real comfortable, not too bad to walk around in but wouldn't want to walk very far of very much in them.

            For some who don't know, these are hand assembled in Italy.
            So I'm told.
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