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One piece or two piece leathers?

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  • One piece or two piece leathers?

    I am shopping for leathers and I was wondering what everyone prefers?
    I think IMHO the two piece is more practical for me. What about you?
    I also found that if a person is over 6' tall it is very difficult to find a good fitting pair of pants or suit.
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    unless you are going to use them on a track more than anything else go with a two peice. It will give you the option to wear your jacket by itself without having to wear the leather pants all the time
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      Two pice is more practical, but one piece is top dog in security, specially in track days! (I have seen Dainese two piece broken in the zipper after a low side)


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        I'd go for a two piece as more practical for the street. Not only can you choose to wear only the jacket, but you can also mix and match your gear.

        I have a speedmaster jacket and pants, but I can swap in my Hard drive or speedway jacket depending on the weather and they all use the same connecting zippers.

        Just make sure if you do go 2 piece it has a full 360 waist zipper to make it track legal.


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          I like the 2 piece ... the pants can zip right into the jacket and turn it into a 1 piece in a heartbeat if need be. Plus you can save some money alot of times by purchasing a 2 piece matching jacket/pant set. 8)


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            I have a perforated leather 2-piece and love it. Protection of leather with excellent airflow to stay cool while riding and I can remove the jacket easily at rest stops when I'm not.

            If I had to buy again... I would buy the same thing.
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              yea man 2 piece ...most of the time your not gonna wanna wear the whole thing but having hte seperate jacket is really nice. .i cant wait to try mine out but they get on you at some tracks bout draggen with out leather


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                I honestly ride with both pants and jacket pretty much everytime I ride...but I like to take the jacket off when I stop, go eat, etc. The two piece held up very well when I went down...I would only get a 1 piece if I went on a track all the time...and it would be only for that!


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                  2 piece with fries.

                  Sorry , had a KFC craving for a sec.


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                    I would really like to get a 2 peice leather outfit, perferablly preferated, but they don't seem to make them for guys with as big as a dunlap as I have.
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                      (Throws SweetLou a bone)
                      Dunlap?? Sweet Lou, whats a dunlap??