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How many motor bikes have you owned and what types?

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  • How many motor bikes have you owned and what types?

    Firstly I'm old .. I started riding bikes back in the early 70s here in Australia at the age of 14 when my dad a keen motorcyclist who cut his teeth riding old British iron got me interested in bikes . I started on a Honda XL70 ( Lots of cuts and bruises learning how to ride ) and had the XL125 , 175 , 250 , 350 and an 81 CR 250 MX bike with that awful left side kick start... Yamaha CT3 175, DT 175 A and DT 250 A and D mono shock . IT 250 H , two XT 500s and a TT 500 . 76,77 and 78 models. Suzuki DR250 and DR600 .
    A ride on my brother inlaws Kawasaki MK 3 500 2 stroke triple ( The widow maker ) got me hooked on blasting around mountain roads so I bought my first road bike back in 83 a 1981 Honda CB 900 F2 Boldor . Then came a Kawasaki GPZ 1100 B2 , XJ 650 Yamaha which was a great little bike with shaft drive . I liked my old CB 900 so I bought a fixer upper naked Honda CB 900 Boldor for $400 in 84.. . I then got a passion for Italian bikes after riding a Ducati 900 SS bevel drive so I bought a Ducati Pantah 500 .. Loved that bike.. so light and nimble on winding mountain roads.. Then along came a Moto Guzzi MK 4 Lemans to which I fitted and 18 inch front wheel replacing the fashion statement 16 inch pain in the ass restoring the handling.. Sounded fab with Conti mufflers as fitted to Ducatis back then.. I wish I never sold that Lemans but I fell into the marriage , house and kids trap .. 20 years later after having a ride on a Suzuki DRZ 400 and a DR 350 the bug bit again and I ended up bidding on a 1995 Honda XR600R with 12000 miles on the clock and winning it on ebay.. I always wanted a XR600 after my XT-TT 500 days.. Which brings me to today when I own my 24th motorcycle the mighty GSX 750 F Katana. I still have the XR600 . In my time riding bikes I have seen dirt and road bikes evolve from air cooled engines to water-oil cooled , Cable operated drum brakes replaced by hydraulic discs , The advances in suspension on dirt and road bikes . My early 70s trail bikes had 3 inches travel in the rear shocks and by 81 my IT 250 had 11 inches travel .. Bad handling early jap road bikes IE CB 750/4 , Kawasaki 900s - 2 stroke triples and the old Suzuki triples -water bottle etc ( Which I had the pleasure to ride ) become the best handling bikes in the world .I can only imagine what the next 40+ years will bring in motorcycle development .. Harleys will still be the same .. stuck in a time warp.. I hope to be riding bikes for many more years before I end up in a pine box.. Cheers..
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    Way back in 86 my Dad bought a 1979 Yamaha 175 enduro that we shared, I got my bike license in Ontario then we moved to Labrador and I let it lapse. With 35kms of paved roads I didn't need it up there lol. Rode that bike until 91 when we moved to British Columbia where we sold it for double what we paid and after putting around 20,000kms on it.

    Looking back I wish I had gotten another bike, I didn't until 2003 when I got my 03 600 Katana. 6 years, 119,000kms later I bought a 06 VFR 800 and have been riding her ever since.

    I feel bad for new riders, at least here in Ontario, insurance for a car or bike is brutal for younger people. My VFR is $1100/year. If your under 25 with a sport bike your looking at 4-$5000/yr for insurance. And no that isn't a typo , car insurance is just as bad.

    Your right bikes have come along way, sadly due to the costs not as many people here can afford to have them as a second vehicle.


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      Ontario is brutal for insurance Alberta is the cheapest. Just got a new ins
      quote $700.00 for the year here but less than half in Alberta //
      8 motorcycles 2 suzuki 1100's Honda 750 super sport, Honda 350/360 & a sprinkle of dirt bikes and trail bikes,.


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        2 ninja 250s, 06 kat 600, 92 kat 1127, and 09 sv650. Bought the SV off a friend who was moving out of state - he's moving back soon, likely going to sell it back to him. Did all the maintenance, gave it some tlc, and added a few upgrades, so it might be for more than I paid him for it.
        1998 Katana 750
        1992 Katana 1100
        2006 Ninja 250

        2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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          Sadly just the 03 Kat for now. Id like to get something a bit nicer and more comfortable for my 6'4" frame.
          The Kat is ok for now though, the price was right.


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            I had dirt bikes when I was a teen, an RM100 and RM125, later had a TS125 had a Honda 500 four for a while, stopped riding for years, then had a Yamaha 400 street bike (first legal street bike) then a '82 GS 750 that I dropped an 1100 modified motor in it (1327 ccs) then my current '89 Kat 750.
            1989 GSXF 750 Katana.
            V&H supersport exhaust, ported head, GSXR cams
            Michelin PR2's, RT fork springs and R6 shock


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              Oh boy, I get to peacock my bikes

              Message for you other guys:
              So scan and post ye olde photos from back in the day.

              I only been riding 10 years, so here they are in order.
              Beginner bike EX500, seat was too cramped;

              Still ride this one, love it.

              Seca XJ750 nice.

              Seca XJ550, nice

              GS550, under powered

              93 GSX750F, loved it, but I had to sell it for cash to pay the price of busted clavicle.

              90 GSX750F, bought it for $420, but have done many upgrades chronicled here, including a 92 GSXR1127cc installed. (Thanks for all the help Amigos!)


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                I'm at 29 bikes now. Three of them are daily riders, all the rest are not plated, going back to a 1965 Honda Cub 50. Bikes are stored between my house, and three storage garages, and every one of them has a title!
                '92 GSX1100F Red/Maroon


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                  Currently own in-line-4 engine:
                  1999 Katana 750:

                  2006 Honda CBR600F4i:

                  2003 Honda CBR1100XX:

                  Tumper: 1999 KLX300:

                  2008 250cc Chinese Scooter

                  1977 Honda CT90 Cafe & 1981 C90:

                  Parallel twin:
                  2004 Kasawaki Ninja 250 yellow

                  2004 Suzuki Burgman 650

                  Transverse twin:
                  1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing:

                  Transverse in-line-triple engine:
                  1992 BMW K75S:

                  Bikes that I have owned:
                  1999 BMW F650

                  1998 Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro

                  2000 KTM 660 Rallye

                  2002 KTM LC4 Adv.

                  2002 BMW R1150RS

                  1998 BMW K1200RS

                  2003 Suzuki DRZ400S

                  1989 Honda CB-1

                  2001 Honda XR650R Street legal

                  2001 Triumph Sprint RS

                  1975 BMW R90/6

                  2001 Aprilia Falco

                  1998 Honda Superhawk

                  1973 Honda SL350 sidecar

                  2000 Honda VFR800

                  2003 Yamaha WR250F

                  1987 BMW K75T

                  2003 Aprilia Tuono R Factory

                  1972 Honda CL350

                  2001 Suzuki Bandit 600

                  2001 Suzuki SV650S blue

                  2004 Yamaha WR450F

                  2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200

                  1985 BMW K100 blue

                  2002 Yamaha FZ1

                  1992 Yamaha Seca II

                  2009 Suzuki Gladius

                  2001 Suzuki Katana 750 sidecar

                  1999 BMW R1100S:

                  1998 Honda CB750:

                  2000 Suzuki SV650N

                  1987 BMW K100
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                    Is that all, shucks you must have forgotten a few.


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                      Originally posted by buffalobill View Post
                      Is that all, shucks you must have forgotten a few.
                      Sure did forget some of them:

                      1999 Kawasaki Sherpa:

                      2001 Honda Superhawk

                      1978 Honda GL1000

                      His & hers SV650s:
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                        1971 Kawasaki F7
                        1980 Honda CM400T
                        1979 Kawasaki KZ750
                        1979 Suzuki GS400
                        1990 Yamaha 350XT
                        1994 Honda CBR F2
                        1998 Honda CBR F3
                        1998 Suzuki DR650
                        2005 Suzuki Intruder
                        2007 Harley 1200 Custom
                        2009 Harley Softail Custom


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                          Originally posted by Jaxer View Post
                          1971 Kawasaki F7
                          1980 Honda CM400T
                          1979 Kawasaki KZ750
                          1979 Suzuki GS400
                          1990 Yamaha 350XT
                          1994 Honda CBR F2
                          1998 Honda CBR F3
                          1998 Suzuki DR650
                          2005 Suzuki Intruder
                          2007 Harley 1200 Custom
                          2009 Harley Softail Custom
                          What do those look like?


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                            In reverse order....

                            7) '15 F6B Deluxe
                            6) '89 Suzuki GSX1100F Katana
                            5) '83 Yamaha XVZ12 Venture Royale
                            4) '80 Yamaha XS850
                            3) '77 Triumph Trident
                            2) '74 Yamaha 650Twin
                            1) '70 Yamaha 350-R5


                            FAA, retired (1983-2012)


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                              Adding another two-up ride, 2007 Burgman 650, 8k miles on odometer, sat outdoors for a couple of years, cosmetically kinda rough.

                              Needed new battery/tires/fluids/brake pads.. of course gone darkside when replace the rear tire: