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Which fuel injected cruiser bike that's cheap?

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  • Which fuel injected cruiser bike that's cheap?

    I'm in the market for a cruiser bike, but my main criteria is that it is fuel injected. What models would be good to look at? My budget is about $2500 - $3000. I am staying away from Harleys. I'd prefer to stick with a Japanese brand.
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    I have found a few boulevard m50 and c50's around my area right around 3k recently. Not sure if you want to stay on a smaller 805cc bike or not, but the M50 is an exceptional bike for the money in my experience. I borrowed one from my father in law for 2 months last year. The biggest problem I had was that Ohio roads destroyed the fork seals, they were leaking by 10k miles.

    And the seat. If you pick one of those up, ditch the stock seat. my wife had bruises from that demonic piece of covered plywood. I have heard great things from the corbin that was available for them.
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      used police bikes like the bmw 1200RT are quite nice.. and you can pick them up for fairly cheap at police auctions..


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        Scond Suzuki Boulevads - hey a

        As I was saying, second Suzuki Boulevards. They are very good cruisers for the dollars spent, and have great ergonomics and balance.
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          I believe the 05 models were called Marauders. Mine was fine. The po had installed straight Cobras on loud mammer jammer.

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            Not fuel injected though...

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