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I'm scared of one of my new bikes.

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  • I'm scared of one of my new bikes.

    Recently acquired from original owner who took a nasty spill and doesn't ride anymore. I've never known about these monsters and couldn't tell you if I've seen one or not. The Kat is a fantastic cruiser. Adequate power, decent handling and a great highway ride. It isn't great at anything, its good at everything. This Z-Rex is great at everything but fuel economy.

    I love muscle bikes and 80s racers. The squared jaws, high body lines and minimal flare are beautiful to me. One of my all time favorites is the Yamaha V Max. Looks as good as it runs. It was my number one favorite until a couple days ago. The Z-Rex has an unbelievable ride at 90mph loping along at less than 5k revs. It was styled after the superbikes of the 80s and given the Ninja ZX12's engine. It rides high and dips with the best of them. 80s superbike looks and modern superbike drivetrain, the perfect bike for my taste. What this is is pretty much what we call resto-mods now. Only difference is this came new with the parts we would normally upgrade.

    My bike is re-tuned to ZX12 spec(they came with a low end torque tune for easier riding). First test ride and I didn't warm up the tires. Never had to on any of my other bikes. I went WOT at about 10mph and it blew the tire off almost causing me to dump it. Its a 450lb bike, I wasn't expecting it to be a rocket. I was dead wrong. With the tires warm I went WOT again and the front end lifted so quick I didn't have time to clutch it. Scared the piss outta me. I rolled out in 2nd and was able to control the lift easier. WOT at 50mph in 2nd gear holds the tire about 6 inches off the ground. Up shift to 3rd and the nose drops for about half a second, then raises another 4 inches or so. 150mph comes so fast you don't realize it until you look in the rear view and can't see the cars anymore.

    This is the best sport cruiser I've ever ridden. More comfy than my Kat, better fuel economy than my 955i(and just as fast) and handles like a dream. It has more power than I'll ever use. Best of all, its gorgeous. I am truly scared of it through the first 3 gears. I'll get some riding videos up in the next couple of days. Its also getting Plastidipped. Gonna do black and red. I need a bigger fairing, at 150+ it tries to peel me out of the seat.

    I'm working on putting this thing back together.

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    Be careful. That power can be addicting and will get you into trouble.
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      Nice! Sounds like what my B12 swap will be like and the turbo will just be too much.... Fun!

      Enjoy and be careful!
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        Yeah most people see it and think its an 80s bike. Its a 2005 built to look like an 80s bike. Underneath is all new. The ZX12R engine is a monster.

        Its designed to mimic Eddie Lawson's superbike of the 80s.


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          sounds pretty awesome- hopefully I'll get myself onto a big bike soon as well.


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            yawn..... my buddys got 1100 is way quicker. except in the really is a fun bike,like a big fun wheelie bike
            WOW! your bikes really fast! you were flying when i passed you!

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              Originally posted by Katana1100 View Post
              yawn..... my buddys got 1100 is way quicker. except in the really is a fun bike,like a big fun wheelie bike
              You think your 1100 Kat is way quicker? Your buddies bike must be running on 3 cylinders. With a decent exhaust and carbs to match these bikes put 160+hp down. An 1100 Kat makes less power and weighs 100lbs more(580 dry to the Z-Rex's 490). The Z-Rex runs a ZX12R engine(carbed, not injected) and weighs less than the ZX12R. Owners of both bikes note that the Z-Rex munches the ZX12R up to about 120. Who cares if the top speed is 160(unrestricted) and not 200?

              [ame=""]ZRX1200R Dyno Run - YouTube[/ame]

              I can't wheelie to save my life but this should show an idea of the power these bikes put to the wheel. These are straight power wheelies, no clutch, with me sitting forward on the tank. You're looking at a bike that yanks up the wheel under 5k rpms without clutching or unloading and redlines at about 11k. In that video I never go above 3/4 throttle, I'm easing into it. The only thing I've been on as scary as this bike is the enormous CBR Blackbird. A Busa is easier to control. It has such a short wheelbase in relation to its height and power that it pivots back so quickly you hardly have time to think about it.

              [ame=""]Learning To Wheelie - YouTube[/ame]


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                Ran out of road, not power. Never got past 4th gear.

                [ame=""]Anti-Street Fighter Kawasaki 165mph - YouTube[/ame]


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                  Since I'm concerned about your fear and possible safety, I'll gladly take it off your hands for free so you won't have to get stressed out.
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                    I'm starting to like the power.