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  • zx11

    could any one tell me any thing about the kawasaki zx11 tring to get one a 92 model please help
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    Expect it to perform exactly like a Katana 1100.
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    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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      I would think the ZX11 might be a little faster/quicker than the 1100 Kat because of the 6 speed transmission, and since it's watercooled it might be less finicky in hot weather than the air-oil cooled engines can be at times.
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        Be aware of engine trauma issues like suspicious knocks, tranny issues, excessive engine chatter. Also, be aware of tranny problems. I pointed out those issues because a lot of those got over-revved and ridden pretty hard back in the day. I believe those engines were a very mechanically sound product.

        ZX11s are faster and stronger than the Kat1100, I got to ride them back to back ..... the BigNinja goes fast better than the Kat1100

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          thanks guy your the best a world of info on this forum. I rode it it ran pretty go carb need a little cleaning but no biggie, the pipes wasnt loud enough like my old F1 loved that sound on that 750 i miss her dearly/ thanks guys
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            They often suffer from an oiling problem involving, I believe, the #3 and #4s big end bearing. There is a fix out there that mods the pan. I think Mr. Turbo and a few others sell the mod. It's expensive, so the easiest solution is to use a top quality oil, keep it changed, and keep it topped up. If there's any evidence that the oil was neglected over it's life, then beware.


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              wouldn't recommend it. its kind of old.


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                That thing was the king until the Blackbird dethroned it. They were fast for their time and can still keep up with most anything on the road today.
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