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1992 750 katana upgrades

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  • 1992 750 katana upgrades

    I'v but new brakes, , New Michelin's, and a Vance and Hins header and Yoshi 2 pipe. stage 3 jet kit, k&n filer. It runs great, I'v been past 150 mph, and I weigh 240, and I'v hung an knee a couple of times so it's a good bike. I want to keep for a while and was wounding of anything wlse you can do to these to get more out of them. If anyone has any tricks on saving weight or getting more out of these I wouls love to here it

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    If you want to save weight buy a GSXR. The Kats have steel frames and are heavy bikes regardless of what you do. Or go on a diet, that'll cut some weight.

    Originally posted by jetmerritt
    Save up for great gear and dress for the fall before you ride. If you can't afford good quality gear, don't ride. It's like saying you can't afford seat belts for your car. There are just no laws to make gear mandatory.


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      change out your cams with GSX-R cams.. bore the chambers and add bigger pistons , upgrade your transmission, doesn't add horsepower but could save you a lot of time if you like to jam gears! LOL! ignition advancer then after that.. just swap in 1127.. lol


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        Bigger engine. K&N and a stage 3? Someone likes going in straight lines full throttle.
        90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

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        I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
        Originally posted by soulless kaos
        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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          For all that, just get an 1100 or a new Busa!

          Won't make you go any faster but a Corbin will keep your butt happier!
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            Originally posted by baker2011 View Post
            just swap in 1127.. lol
            gets my vote!
            WOW! your bikes really fast! you were flying when i passed you!

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