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Kawasaki road show

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  • Kawasaki road show

    The Kawasaki roadshow visited my hometown last weekend.

    I took the opportunity to go down just to have a look, but when the first thing they asked was witch bikes I wanted to test,
    I of course jumped at the chance to take a couple of the Kawas for a spin

    First I rode the ZX-14

    A real sweet bike, you totally forget the size and weight of it once you get going.
    Masses of power and a pretty broad powerband.
    As I really only have my Kat to compare with, the sheer power was the feature I felt the most.
    That being said I did not find the seating as "comfortable/safe" as the Kat when accelerating hard.
    It felt like I was slipping backwards in the saddle.
    Still I would love to take this bike on a longer ride.

    Next up was the ZX6R

    Apart for the "dented" look of the tank I think the Ninjas are nice.
    This is the first time I really tried an R-bike and it really is a high rev bike.
    Not much happens until you reach 9-10K, but the moment you get on it you can feel that this is a light and playful bike.
    Of course this means it`s not really a bike for the long hauls, so its not for me but it was fun to try it.

    All in all it was a great day as I intentionally just went to take a look
    I also feel that the Kat really is an excellent all-round bike, and if you throw in the cost factor it becomes even better.

    The thing i noticed most when i got back on my Kat to ride home is how incredibly spongy my brakes are compered to the new bikes I had just tested.
    So one of my next mods will definitely be some HEL brake lines as they are due for replacement anyway.

    Now to find out when Suzuki is visiting
    2002 GSXF 750

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    Thatís cool I like bike demos!

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      I want them to come here!
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        would like to take a rip on a new Z-1000 the price is kinda high but looks like a great machine . its the last year 2009 -$8885