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    Originally posted by Lunatic View Post
    Your machining skills are awesome. Your carpet and wallpaper, not so much. Lol. Great work so far.
    LOL Thank you for the compliment. You're entirely correct about the carpet and wallpaper! Interior decor is the reason I could afford this house that has two garages and a nice setting. I should try to clean the place up a bit and see if anyone is interested in a KR BBQ this summer in the Allentown area.

    Anyway, I got back to work, and things have been hectic since then. I'm either working (nights, which sucks), or working on this bike. I tried to update once, but it was right as the site was updated, so that post got deleted.

    Let's see ... I finally made the lower triple.

    I have the swingarm kind of made. I'm almost done with mounting the engine currently, and then I'll be able to better plan the exact path of the chain, and then add more material to the swingarm to help make it more rigid with a spot for the chain to pass through. Here is how it sat for the first time as a rolling chassis.

    The needle roller bearing/thrust bearing setup for the swingarm with the preload from that threaded collar works amazingly well. Such smooth motion with no play. That's the R6 shock mounted. The most recent pic I have has the engine sitting on scrap I-beam pieces just for visual. I currently have the lower mount done, and have the upper mount ready to just weld together. I also have the top two tabs welded for bolting a rear subframe to. In just a short time, I'll have the upper mount and other tabs welded on tonight. Maybe finish the subframe as well.

    I've made plates to weld to the rear of the vertical portions for providing adjustable bolt points for rearsets. Need to make the rearsets. I have all the controls on the way. I have the oil cooler that I still need to make mounts for. I just received the stainless steel tubing for attempting to make an exhaust, as well as sheet aluminum for the outer portion of the muffler, and potentially making a fuel tank/cell out of. At this point, for full funtionality, I think I only have just a couple things to purchase. Rear brake hose, hoses and banjo fittings for the oil cooler. For now, and for testing, I may just use the new K&N air filter that I had gotten for the CRF because it fits, but I'm still thinking about making an actual air box so I'm not screwed if I end up having to do a race in the rain (yes, I can get rain race tires as well).

    I've already rebuilt the forks with the Racing Bros cartridge kits. Essentially the same things as the Ohlins kit, but slightly more expensive, only one set of springs. BUT, I have external clickers for compression and rebound now, which the Ohlins doesn't offer, plus a tiny amount of spring preload available externally as well. After getting the kit, I realized that it wouldn't allow me to gain the extra inch of travel as I had planned on, which the Ohlins kit would have let me do. So I did what any normal person would do. I ordered 12mm ground finish rod, bored it out the same size, added the threads and valving holes, and made my own dampening rods to hold the new cartridge valves that were an inch longer!

    It's taking longer than I had envisioned, partly because I'm back at work. Partly because I hadn't really thought about having to make every single piece like threaded tabs to weld on for subframe mounting or shock mounting, etc. And yes, I did made the entire swingarm, including all the parts for the axle adjusters.

    Also, just to point out, I'm in the building phase. Once everything is made/mounted, including tabs for mounting fairings, then I'm going to actually do the finish work. I'll make some of the welds less ugly and stuff like that.


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      Looking good
      I want one too

      “Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen.
      Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesn’t necessarily do it in chronological order, though.”
      ― Douglas Adams


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        More updates. The other day when I woke up (still on nights), it was warm, and going to get dark soon, so I hurried up and took the bike outside, pushed it up my driveway, and rode it downhill, with no foot pegs and no working brakes. On the plus side, it's stable, and it wants to turn. On the down side, I'm now even more impatient about wanting to try this thing under power. Another up side is I finally got a picture that gives this thing a sense of scale, behind my car.

        I have since added the front brake line, bled it, and have that working. I've also been picking up some new tricks for machining, and working on making some rear sets. In this next pic, the main bracket is all one piece, including the round standoffs.

        The oval slot is for the peg. I'm doing one M10 bolt in the center of the peg, and the levers (brake and shifter) are going to use the peg as a mount on the reduced diameter. I decided that if the peg would somehow get mildly loose, I don't want it to be able to rotate, so I milled some tiny flats so even if it's not quite finger tight, it still can't rotate. Essentially, I have both sides done except for the levers. Here's the brake side, complete with the plate that will make them adjustable that will get welded to the frame. Oh, and yes, I made the pegs too.