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Me and my cousin @ the drag strip...Kat 750 vs GSXR600

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  • Me and my cousin @ the drag strip...Kat 750 vs GSXR600

    Well it's been 10 years since I've been down a drag strip. Attended and worked many, but just didn't have the funds to get my old S10 Blazer back running. About 6 weeks ago I went to my cousins house to hang out and he was showing me his bike. So I rode it about 5 miles and decided I had the itch. 2 weeks later I got my 05 KAT 750. Been buying parts to customize it some, and want to do some winter upgrades to the motor to help it out. So I figured I'd get a baseline of what the bike will do now by going to the track. Then next year I'll see what the improvements made.

    So I met up with him and we went to the track. He's been to a few local events, but never been down a drag strip in his life. So I showed him how the staging works by letting him watch a few cars.

    First pass was my best of the night. Second pass was worst as I stood it up. Next 4 stayed between those numbers for me. MPH was consistent on all 6 of my passes which I assume my launching routine wasn't correct but consistent.

    He had a bit more problems launching his. Being his first time, I think he did ok. His times and MPH weren't as consistent, but he still had a blast and now has a new addiction. LOL. 5th pass he let it back out the beam and got red lit.

    Time slips and pictures to critique

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    Kat beat a gsxr?? Huh. Either you're very good, your cousin has much to learn, or he didn't want to beat on his bike too hard. Ot a combo. Either way, sounds like a fun day
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      With my slow times, I was just better than him. LOL. He was trying, but when you know you're getting beat by someone you're gonna try harder and screw it up. Just as I tried harder, or so I thought, and got the same results.


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        cool man, looks like a good time was had!
        yep, I think I'm finally responsible enough to ride a bike that I don't have to pedal ; )


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          very cool!

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