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Off to the track for the first time

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  • Off to the track for the first time

    Soooo, I'm going to get a chance to go run on a track

    Was hoping to get some insight on recommended setup for the kat.
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    Adjust the front forks to hold a gsxr.

    Gsxr's are better suited for the track. If you really want to take a heavy Kat to the track, I'm sure there will be more visitors to this topic to give advice.
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      No advice, but good luck and have a blast!
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        I don't know what kind of Kat you have, but I have taken my post 600 to the track 3 times and really enjoyed myself. That said, my -bike was setup for it. Not sure if you were planning on spending much to get it ready but first thing, have good tires. Not just good tread, but nice sticky sport tires. Commuting tires won't be good. Also, you typically run lower tire pressure on the rear tire for the track. Ask some instructors what they would recommend. I can't honestly remember what I ran. Maybe around 26-30 psi. I normally run the rear at 36 to 38 for street. Second, if you're willing to spend a bit of money and or time, the suspension on the Kat's is notoriously soft and squishy, which is not good for track. If you want to spend minimal money, you'll get minimal performance, but I believe you can at least look into adding spacers or washers to the forks to get the springs a little stiffer, and potentially change out the fork oil to a little thicker. If you're willing to spend the money, you can upgrade to RaceTech springs (or any other brand, really). For my Kat, I put in racetech springs all the way around, the fork emulators, and the gold valve for a Kat 750 shock in the rear. I also raised the rear a little bit, and lowered the front by about half an inch. It made it turn in a little bit. At least with my post, you can't lower the front by sliding the forks through the triples more than half an inch before the seals would potentially hit the lower triple.

        Change the oil, make sure there are no leaks with anything, make sure the brakes are in good shape. Adjust the chain to have a little bit more slack than typical, up to about 1.5 inches instead of the .8 inches in the manual (for my bike anyway). If you have the centerstand installed, you might consider removing it for the track day.

        With my bike fully setup, it handled much better than you'd expect a heavy bike like the Kat to handle. By my third track day, I was able to pass SS bikes in the turns. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about how the bike handles. That said, it is under powered. For my first few track days, I concentrated on learning to lean the bike more, correct body position while leaning off, and carrying speed through the turn. Being under powered, I never bothered trying to get to top speed on the long straights. I also waited for more experience before I started trying to do late braking like I was racing. It's kind of like learning to ride initially. It's a good idea to get used to the speed without adding in extra things like late braking.

        I've probably rambled on too much now. Have fun!


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          it's been awhile since I was on track but it was a blast. have fun and be careful.
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            well due to a series of unfortunate events wasnt able to hit the track like we wanted to, plus my tires didnt get in on time, oh well jus going to have to wait till next time. Gives me a chance to make a few more adjustments to the bike before anyway. without getting to far into it, had to pick up an extra shift for a coworker and my cousin was spending time in the hospital. man it seems it never rains it only pours
            A wise man can learn more from a acting fool
            Than a acting fool can learn from a wise man