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    I have a 600 pre kat and I was thinking about setting it up for racing next year cause I would like to get it on the road this year. Just curious if it would be able to keep up with the other bikes on the track. If not what would I have to do to it to make it competitive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    if you want to race you are better of getting a gsxr or something. by the time youve done the mods to make the kat raceworthy its going to cost as much as a gsxr. with that said , any bike can be taken to the track an had fun with. but you will get smoked on the straights with the kat
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      Kats arent race bikes. They're heavy bikes and would never keep up with a GSXR or even an SV650S. They are capable of going 100+ but if i were you i'd be better off with a GSXR or anything thats more race oriented and nimble with its power if you were going to go racing with it.


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        Get the right tool for the job.
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        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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          If the kat is what your going to take....


          That will make the most difference in track times for the Kat. Hands down, period.

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            Here is a good thread for you to read:


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              Alright thanks for the info


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                There's no reason why you can't run a kat on the track, but you'll soon find that you wish you were on something else.

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                  I've taken my 06 Kat 600 to the track twice for track days. For my first day, a private day for Daytona 675's that I was invited to, I was convinced that I'd be sooooo slow compared to everyone there, even for the beginner's class. No one in that class could pass me. On my second track day, I took the beginner's class again, because it had been a little while. By the end of that day, I was running sessions in the intermediate group and passing people on their SS bikes.

                  That said, it was because they were poor riders, slamming on the brakes so hard in the corners. I'd back off in the straights a bit to let them get some space, and then just not brake when they were braking too hard. Just after hitting the apex in the turns, I'd just keep holding the line and shoot past them on the inside of the turns.

                  I've done the front and rear suspension on my bike, done a bit of engine work, and changed the gearing so I have better drive out of the corners, but less top end. In my opinion, if I was actually racing, my Kat would really suffer in the straights due to the weight and lack of power. On the long straight at the track, I didn't even try to get up to top speed. Figured there was no point. But I did do well enough in the turns that the people I'd pass wouldn't catch back up in the straight. Again, I think they were poor riders. I was still learning too.

                  I have not gotten to the limits of my Kat, but I still wish I had a bike meant for the track, and am working on making that happen.

                  Good luck with which ever way you try to go!


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                    Well said ygolohcysp! It's the lump on the bike, not the lump in the bike that makes it go. Most riders never get the good out of a 600, it's alot of bike when taken to it's maximum. The first couple of years I rode at the track, I used a 500. Almost always had folks come by after sessions to look at it as if it had magical powers of some kind. Funny. You ever seen teddy ride his Katana? It's a thing of beauty. He and the bike are one, like a streamlined butterfly. Smooth, clean, and yes, fast. When a daddy is both nervous and proud at the same time, that's the sweet spot!


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                      I would say, do a few trackdays to get used to tracks speeds and get the basics down. There are a lot of things to consider when racing (equipment, licensing, what class to race in.) The licensing would depend on what organization you go racing in, and some of them are extremely competitive. Also, of course, figure out what category the bike fits in (I think a Katana would do ok on a super-dinosaur class)

                      I've never raced, but my friends have, and it seems a single track club series would be the easiest to get into: Series like AFM and WERA are veritable shark tanks.


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                        I'm new, and curious to see how this turned out for the OP.

                        I raced a 600RR for a couple of seasons, but sold it over the winter. Now I'm looking at a '93 katana 600. It will primarily be a street bike, but I wouldn't mind racing it a couple of times a year. I'm sure it's eligible for some vintage classes, and they might even let me run it against SV's...

                        I'm well aware of what the Katana will and won't do on the track, but my "full-time" race bike is an XR100 that I race on kart tracks, so taking the katana out would just be for grins ...and to embarrass slower riders on newer bikes
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                          So, this is an old thread but what happened to the racing???

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                            I asked because I wouldn't mind gridding up my "new" katana 750 (the 600 deal fell through, and I found this one for the same price) a couple of times a year, just to see if I can embarrass some lower-skilled riders.

                            I don't plan on throwing money at the Katana - if I wanted to spend more, I would have kept my 600RR... Having a slow bike is the ultimate no-lose situation. If I end up in last, "I'm on a 2000 Katana!" If I manage to finish ahead of anyone, they assume I'm some kind of riding savant destined for the AMA.
                            **if what I said can be taken two ways, and one of them offends you, I meant it the other way.


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                              Originally posted by mammut89 View Post
                              if you want to race you are better of getting a gsxr or something. by the time youve done the mods to make the kat raceworthy its going to cost as much as a gsxr. with that said , any bike can be taken to the track an had fun with. but you will get smoked on the straights with the kat

                              I have to disagree with you, and here's why....maybe it will make sense, or not.

                              The kat is a pig. they is no denying that when it comes to track use. And if he has to ask if the kat will keep up, or any other "basic knowledge" question, according to those with a bit of track experience, then you have to assume he does not have a lot of experience. So why use a kat instead of a gix? because 60, 70, 80...100mph, is going to feel a lot faster on the kat. 50-60mph in a curve is going to be more of a "work out" on a kat. This in turn is going to make him use a bit more caution. I gix can get away from you a lot easier than a kat. So, as a beginner, I really do think a katana is preferable over a gixxer for a beginner.

                              plus he already has a kat. and it's cheaper to wreck a kat.

                              also, if he can master the kat on the track, he will be able to ride the piss out of a gix once he upgrades.

                              but hey...that's just my 2 cents.
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