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  • Track rules

    What kind of rules do you typically run into at the track? I'm interested in both the obvious and not so obvious things.

    I know you have to tape headlights, turn signals, remove tags and mirrors, but other than that I'm not too sure.
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    Surely the company that organises the track days has a website or a phone number that you can check the rules on.

    When I went there were 2 pages of rules on their website.

    FWIW, how much does an artificial foot cost? $200?


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      Full length is going to be the norm in this case.

      EDIT.. I should clarify....

      If the boots do not come up and cover your shin area, they are not going to pass tech.
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        Don't most racing organizations require a bit of safety wiring? Passing tech seems to be the most trouble people have with tracks

        Oh yeah and if you drive like an idiot you get yanked. There are a lot of rules about passing and how much room you give the other riders.
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        but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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          Out here almost all of them want the oil drain plug and filter safety wired. If you're in the Novice group you get alot more leeway.

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            Based on your location you will probably attend the following orgs for track days check websites for rules below, oh and as a first timer you WILL be a novice, don't kid yourself.


            Now get out there and have fun.


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              I'm totally content with the Novice group. I just want to get on the track and dog it out so I don't do it on the streets.
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                Depends on the organizers but normally...

                leathers with a 360 zipper (if wearing a 2 pc)
                oil drain bolt siliconed if not safety wired
                signals(rear) and mirrors removed
                DOT Helmet
                full gauntlet gloves
                some require a "proper" back protector, not the chintzy foam one that comes with most jackets
                throttle must snap back when released
                water wetter instead of coolant

                and some tracks have a DB Limit, Calabogie was IIRC 95DB at 8-10K rpm


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                  Most tracks have a very lenient set of requirements for novice riders using their own machine on the track for the first time... but they also tend to run slower speeds.

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