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TWS May 25th

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  • TWS May 25th

    Since the other bike was stolen I chose to take the Katana to the track when one of my friends wanted to go back. She's on a zx7r and has a goal to drag her knee. Her first track day was at MSRH; a slower, more technical track then TWS.

    Im going to be in her group (novice) for the morning to see how much lean I can get on the katana; plus Im not interested in changing out the tires; Im curious to see what the BT021's would do on a highspeed track. I expect alot of step out on the rear.

    Does anyone have problems w premature pedal scraping? The rear sets are low on the 2000 gsxf600 so that is my main concern; along with the soft dampening of the front suspension. TWS is known for a very wide and smooth rolling corners. On the tracked-out busa I scraped covers, full cheek off the bike.

    My concern:

    Pics to come soon! We're looking to have a good time and Im curious how the katana will do. For most larger rides it fairs just fine in the backroad forest roads w the new-year triumphs/jap bikes. These pics were the parade laps after I got the bike running after a two year idle(tires are flat spotted and old.) This corner "the horseshoe" was taken around 70 which is faster then the novice group will ride it.

    It now has a new chain, tires, front brakes. I positioned the shift and rear brake lever up and out of the way for clearance. The centerstand was taken off and the kickstand was bent back for clearance. Throttle, chain, clutch were tightened for riding. Front is dropped a 1/4" to set the rake at the 105 deg angle I expect the bike to dive to when I brake for corners so I dont wash out. All in all looks like its gonna be a fun day!!!

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    Nice write up and sweet pics! Keep it up!
    02 Katana 600 (weekend toy) 11.892 @ 111.92 MPH
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      Was a fun day. I'll admit its a change riding the katana at such a fast track when Im use to the others. No doubt it kept up w Level 1 and 2 groups; I had to cut lines and keep the rpms high to pass.

      Pics to come shortly.

      BT021's were slipping on me; was a hot day. Unfortunately no matter how soft I rode them even with more front braking to transfer heat to the front and cool the rear tires I still have bubblegum even in the centers of the front/rear tires.

      So in review; as I suspected the front suspension is way too soft, requires alot more throttle to keep the weight on the rear and prevent the front from washing out. BT021's can be ridden at fast tracks but observe caution. I rode for some friends to video/help so I didn't run at fast levels. I also got off the bike as much as possible to prevent the tires from washing out.

      So it can be done; later, maybe msrh or gss I'll slap on some track tires and we'll see what the katana can do with that. Im also going to look into a springrate change for the front(if such a think exists for this bike; that would clean up all the slop for sure.)


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        Andrea and lola; her second trackday she chose TWS, my favorite and fastest track in the area.

        Hey, always soliciting...

        Jeff(fuelsult) on MH offered up his helmet cam so I can pace her and take more video. He wrecked his GSXR 1k w me earlier session.

        The four of us were playing around every so often when I needed to break away from Andrea and play a bit.

        I know its unsafe but I played around a bit from boredom after I attempted stepping out the rear end for a corner. I quickly realized stepping out is not that easy lol. So I kept to rail riding.

        This curve cuts in sharper and by the end of the day Andrea was realizing and correcting for it; so she can take T11 better to the left.

        So far we have somewhere around 200 pics.

        Videos are slowly surfacing.... Will update as they come.
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          Awsome pics! Didn't you make any left turns?
          Let's go riding!


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            Right; apparently not from where everyone stood. The pit area is in the center of the track; the straight away is on one side the sharpest right hand turn behind it; those are the only ones available for spectators.

            A short vid from a friend riding with us coming soon. Im awaiting the helmet cam from my friend of Andrea... First hand Kat view meow lol


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              Did you drag a knee down with the kat?


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                With bad form I did.

                But Im too use to heavier bikes, grippier tires and faster speeds so getting low is more natural for me.

                See sig VVVVVVVVVV


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                    Nice vid


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                      short modified vid:



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                        Did you get your pics from Hart Photography? That guy is really good with his camera....

                        Maybe one time you can come up to Eagles Canyon and ride with me.... That'd be sweet...

                        Take a Spin With The KR Mascot...


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                          Correct, Harts...

                          He is a very cool guy.

                          Eagle's Canyon is on my list but I always find myself popping in for track days and never seem to plan for them. See ya out there.