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WERA West round 4 Buttonwillow CA

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  • WERA West round 4 Buttonwillow CA

    What a disappointing weekend!!!! BearKat (Josh) and I show up Friday morning and it's already warm (supposed to be low 90's). Both Josh and I sign up for 3 races each with both of us in the Formulae 1 race.
    First practice was slow (Ran a 2:12 which is not what I was hoping for) and didn't feel good on the bike. No sliding or anything, just couldn't figure out a couple turns (2 and AFAM sweeper) the whole 15 minute session.
    Now for something that was in the back of my mind the rest of the weekend. I'm sitting on a bench (in the shade of course) with one of the WERA tech inspectors when this bird flys up to the awning to catch a bug and runs right into the awning. I fell down right in front of us and died. Not immediately, but it took a few minutes and all we could do was watch. I just couldn't get that outta my head from then on.
    Second practice was a little better and ended up running a 2:08 which is still well above my goal (2:02 to 2:00 flat) but at least it's quicker than the first practice. Still wasn't totally comfortable but bike felt really good.
    Sunday and I have the first race (A Superstock). Ended up running consistant 2:04's was feeling alot better than Saturdays practices. Slid the rear once but the Bridgestones were awesome and I never felt like it was out of control. 003's are the schnizit!!! Even managed to beat my arch-rival on a R1 that trades places with me almost every race.
    Second race was the F1 where Josh and I are both running it. Ran some more 2:04's but lost a place to that dang R1 halfway through and couldn't get it back. Was close and thought I coulda re-passed them but slid the rear again and decided to quit pushing that hard.
    My 3rd race (A Superbike) was the last race of the day and the temperature was hoving at 100 almost all day. Best I could do was a 2:05 and decided not to push like I wanted to. I was hoping to get down into the 2:02's but just didn't have the cajones to get there. Anyhow, both me and the bike came home in one piece and able to race again so it wasn't a total loss.

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    Sounds like a good weekend except for the bird thing.

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      You will get back on your game next race. Sounds like is was an ok weekend for you and Josh. Proud to be your sponsor.


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        Anytime you can spend the weekend at the track and have both the bike and rider come home in one piece is a good weekend. You may have been feeling a little off last weekend, next time you might be on fire nailing every corner perfect, never know.
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