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Advice on prepping a 600 for the track

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  • Advice on prepping a 600 for the track

    I have a wrecked '06 600, and am in the process of putting on lights, instruments and a small fairing. I've only bought instruments so far, and would appreciate any advice on how to set it up. I plan on using it as a track bike and also around town fun bike. I have a cruiser and sport touring bike also, so I could set this up with the track in mind.

    I appreciate most all input.


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    Fresh oil, fresh tires, new brake fluid, new brake pads, make sure the chain is in tip top shape, just make sure your bike is at the top of its game.
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    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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      Race prep ? Depends on the track , kinda . Some stuff may have to be safety wired , lights taped-over , mirrors removed or taped , anitfreeze removed (where applicable) , some require a belly to catch and possible leaks ..... Can't think of the rest .
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        Laguna Seca also requires you to mask off the turn signals in addition to the regular lights. They don't want you looking behind you, only in front. Brake lights and head lights are pretty much useless on the track. They request those items taped over in case you wreck. They don't want to spend time sweeping up the mess. That track also requires you to use "water wetter" or something environmental friendly instead of ethylene glycol antifreeze (the green stuff).
        Check with the specific track.


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          Jennings FL

          I've run there on a club-sponsored track day where the rules are relaxed, but figure I would need to safety-wire oil plugs, tape/remove lights, disable headlight/taillight, also full leathers and full-face non-flip style helmet.

          I was thinking in terms of how I rebuild the Kat... I am seeing some smaller mini-fairings with headlights in them that I could just unplug and detach from the bike for track days.