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98 katana 600 spark issues

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  • 98 katana 600 spark issues

    hello every one im in dire need of help my, 98 katana 600 will only fire coil 2-3, 1-4 will not spark im pretty lost i put new coils new regulator pre-owned icu, however i had spark from it before and then i tried to crank it a few times and got smoke from wires and then 1-4 wouldnt spark 2-3 still do though and i noticed the icu gets hot now please help!!!!

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    If you don't get spark, and things are getting hot, you have a short leading to the wires.
    Switch the coils. If the same side has the problem, there is problem with wires going to the coil.\
    You can then run wires from the good coil to the bad one (disconnect existing wires from the offending side).
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      First, running the coils together will yield nothing, as the coils fire independently controlled by the timing trigger. (right side of the engine). Second did you match the ignition box numbers. The wiring pin outs will and do change by module model. If you have no spark on one coil, swap the coils to see if the problem moves. If it does, bad coil. If it doesn’t either short/open circuit to the offending coil or the timing pickup/ignition module may be the cause. First measure the voltage feeding the coils, should be over 11v while cranking the engine. measure the resistance of the coils and the timing pick up coil. 3ohms on the coils- 135-200 ohms on the pickup coil.
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