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Gsxr K1 Gauge cluster on 98+ Katana

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  • Gsxr K1 Gauge cluster on 98+ Katana

    I have searched and searched and not found anyone who has tried this but there are a number of guys who swapped 2000-2003 digital clusters onto 96+ srad gsxr's. Link:

    Supposedly this is the pinout for the cluster:

    pin 1: ignition
    pin 2: +12V constant!
    pin 3: High beam
    pin 4: R-turn
    pin 5: L-turn
    pin 6: Oil
    pin 7: Temp. (sensor)
    pin 8: Tacho
    pin 9: Illimunation
    pin 10: Temp.
    pin 11: Neutral
    pin 12: speed sensor
    pin 13: Empty
    pin 14: fuel A
    pin 15: fuel B
    pin 16: Speed plus

    It looks doable after scanning through the wiring diagram for my bike (06 katana 600)

    They use the same connector so you basically remove all the pins then use the pinout above to move the wires to the necessary locations for the cluster to work.

    I came up with this after looking at our wiring diagram... I think it's accurate but feel free to correct me :

    Yellow - high beam

    Green and yellow - oil pressure

    Black - Turn signal L

    Light green - Turn signal R

    Yellow and black - fuel gauge

    Orange and red - speed sensor

    Pink - speed sensor +

    Blue and black - neutral light

    Black and white - ground

    Orange and green - ignition

    Orange and green - illumination

    Black and yellow - tachometer

    Red and yellow -* constant 12v

    The one thing I'm confused about is our harness containing a ground and the gsxr harness does not according to that pinout above... I read somewhere pin 13 could be ground so I'll probably try it without it in there and then with it in there after of it doesn't work.

    Looks like all dummy lights, speedo, and tach will work, but the" chec" will stay on because our bikes aren't FI like the one this is from and the gas light won't work....

    I'm just looking for a cheap option for my street fighter that's digital.

    Has anyone tried this yet?
    2006 Suzuki katana 600

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    I bought one of these gauges, so once I get a bracket fabricated to mount it I'll try to wire it up and update this thread. Not sure if anyone even cares because there were no responses haha.
    2006 Suzuki katana 600


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