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Chinese Koso SS182 RX2N Knockoff CORRECT Instalation instruction

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  • Chinese Koso SS182 RX2N Knockoff CORRECT Instalation instruction

    So ive searched high and low for someone whos done a koso knock off and found very very lil info on it aside from they dont work ,,so i figure i cant be the only one so heres the install instructions to do a clean factory install, the only part i had to make was the mounting bracket, it was made from .125 cold steel i mounted it to the front two bar bolts , i put a slight upward bend in the metal,

    This installation was done on a 2005 GSX750F Katana STREETFIGHTER but should be true to most other bazukis.

    Otay lil boyz an goylz listen up tightly, because theres no good instalation instructions on the net, so im givin decent one here on how you install the chinese knockoff koso ss182 rx2n speedo guage cluster, first the installation instructions are all bullshit so youre only going to semi rely on them , ill go over the issues on install and problems as we progress.

    First things first prep work and what youll need, when you order you nice new el cheapo speedo after waiting 6weeks to get here from gwang wang dong its not gonna come with all the parts you need, yep so unless you wanna hard wire and solder i strongly recomend you order the following
    Go to home depot and get some .125 flat stock 6" x 18" is more then enough for the bracket your gonna need to bend, cut, paint and drill it , ill try an post a pic of my bracket next you gonna need
    two 9pin 2.8mm mini conectors
    one 3pin 2.8mm mini conector from hong kong, (the 3pin is the only one i could find in the usa at 3x the cost)

    Lay out and fabricate your bracket first

    Next when you cut your existing plug off make sure you leave a 3"-4" pigtail on it , these wires fade and arent always correct on the suzuki wiring diagram so if you leave the piggy tail you can leave it plugged into the oem console for quick color referencing . Now folowing my directions the only thing you will have to cut is the plug off of the oem guage cluster and you will use all the wires as follows.

    NOW the directions that come with these units are and arent correct or not clear ,, so lets start here.

    your new koso knock off comes with 3 plugs the first plug is the shift indicator plug wich indicates gears 1 thru 6, your not gonna need the first two rows because we dont have gear indicator senders so fahgettabout it, on row 3 pin 7 is where you connect your neutral gear switch indicator wire , pin 8 is blank you can use this down the road and on pin 9 its listed as an efi switch and NO EFI DOES NOT STAND FOR ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION, IT STANDS FOR ENGINE FAULT INDICATOR , ***important note here ***
    Because your nice new speedo does not have an oil pressure idiot light on it (if you didnt know that when you bought it , you know it now, ha ha chinese surprise) we are going to use this conection on pin 9 for the oil sending wire , it makes sense because the check engine light is yellow and most oil warning idiot lights are either red or yellow

    Your suzuki wiring harness crossover is as follows for the shift indicator plug


    Now that takes care of the gear shift indicator plug, 2 plugs to go

    Your main services plug is gonna pin out this way
    Pin 1 is Lft-ts
    Pin 2 is your switched power,, key on pwr on, key off pwr off, capiche?
    Pin 3 is pinned for water temp (not used)
    Pin 4 is pinned for your fuel guage (more on this pin in a minute)
    Pin 5 is pinned for your mem/stdby pwr, this is your hard line, constant always on pwr thats not controled by your key this will be pin 13 on your bazuki wiring schematic and will always be hot...
    Pin 6 is pinned for your rt-ts
    Pin 7 is pinned for your tach
    Pin 8 is pinned for your ground wire
    Pin 9 is pinned for your high beam

    Note pin4 , on your instruction sheet it references seq9, here the lil chinaman say to connect your fuel level to your oil sender, as if i have to say it, but for the sake of accuracy THIS IS INCORRECT ! This is pin4 and its where you connect pin 16 of your exhisting harness to.

    Here is your suzuki cross over pin out for the main plug

    ***Important Note***
    pins 1&2 or 1/2 as noted below are both orange/silver wires on your original harness (pwr & dash illumination) they are both connected to the same feed wire, theyre spliced together about 4" down the harness from the main cluster plug, unwrap the harness, find the splice and cut the harness behind the splice leaving the two wires and splice attached to the pig tail on the guage cluster plug (this reduces confusion later on as there will be just one org/silver wire left for you to deal with on your remaining harness)


    Read Carefully and you wont need to make a bracket!
    Ok now we come to the funky part , some of the reviews ive read say the stock hall sensor/sender for the speedo doesnt work with the knock off,, waaa waaa waaaa,, the reason the stock sensor doesnt work is once again the chinamen made boo heres HOW YOU USE YOUR STOCK HALL SPEED SENSOR
    ok if you did like i said and ordered two 9pin 2.8mm minis you should have one set of connector jackets and a bunch of pins left over from the 9pin terminals, i also told you to get a 3 pin 2.8mm mini, if you did great use the terminal here, if you didnt, bad kat owner no dinner for you but heres the work around, you can release the pins by pressing on the lil tab on the connector pin, of the sender that they sent you , (remove the plug by removing the wires by pressing in on the retaining pins),, now you have the connector so just use the extra pins from the extra 9pin connector that i told you to get (ahhh there is a method to his madness!, lol) ok heres where once again THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE WRONG and why no ones speedo works on their stock hall sensor, the problem is the stock sensor IS NOT A 3 WIRE CONECTION to the knock off koso ,, IT IS A 2 WIRE CONNECTION ,, YEP 2 WIRES , If you followed my directions carefully to this point and havent slammed two sixes by now , you should only have 2 wires left , a pink wire from suzuki pin4 and a orange wire from suzuki pin3 , you connect your pink wire to the red wire and the orange wire to the yellow wire , THE CENTER WIRE on the supplied plug from the cluster is a ground and IT IS NOT USED , IF U CONNECT IT LIKE INSTRUCTED BY THE CHINAMAN YOUR SPEEDOMETER WILL NOT WORK , so here is the crossover pin out for the speed plug
    X=not used

    Ok so now that everything is installed you will still have to go in and calibrate the speedometer and tachometer , i would love to give you guys the parameters but i dont have them yet , i can tell you, you will have to set them up cause i got up to 299km/hr in 1st gear and 300feet ,,lmfao , i think we can safely assume it needs to be switched to mph and calibrated , plus out of the box the rpms shown seem a lil low to me by ear,, so youll need to dual press both buttons and reset the pulse intervals from the coil and the hall sensor ... Good luck guys and the rest of you guys who dont have kats or gxrs should be able to cross over most of what ive given you so you can get your cheap ass koso knock off up an running no thanks to the mfg ,,

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    No plans to ever run one of these, but thanks for taking the time for the write up (+ reminding me I still owe KR a write up on 1100 fork valving...) You mentioned maybe posting pics of the bracket - any and all pics will be helpful to future peeps checking this out.
    1998 Katana 750
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      Ok the next part of the project is calibrating the speedo ,,, any help would be appreciated as best as i can figure the speedo operates like most and simlar to some distributers with a hall effect sensor , in other words a magnet is passed in front of a sensor pick up and that is one pulse ea time it passes (1 magnet 1 pulse per revolution , 2magnets 2pulses per revolution etc) , now i need to calculate the overall pulses per tire revolution first,
      i believe this is how this speedo works, it measures the time diferential between pulses, wich equals the speed over ground, wich is based on the input pulses for one complete tire revolution and the distance that revolution travels over ground

      I believe the input will be this for this speedometer but im not sure ...
      1 tire revolution equals X sprocket revolutions times 4 should give the pulses per tire revolution
      followed by the input of the tire circumfrence in mm
      should give the correct distance out put to the speedometer, combined with the pulses per ms should give the mph

      Sound about right?
      does anyone know the amount of revolutions the front sproket makes per tire revolution ? I really dont feel like counting links! Arghhhh


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          Here are some pics of C-Note ,
          My $100 2005 gsx750f kat street fighter
          Pictures of the speedo mount that i made are included here

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            Note**** THIS IS THE FORMULA FOR USING THE STOCK OEM HALL SENSOR thats mounted on the front sprocket of your bike, NOT THE SENSOR that was supplied with the knock off koso (that pulse count is 2)

            Heres the inputs for a stock 05 gsx750f kat
            speedo math
            47/15*4=12.53 pulses, input 12
            Tire circumfrence (yours will differ) mine was 1981mm wrap a piece of rope or tape around the tire and measure it then convert to milimeters.

            Speedo pulse formula is as follows

            Divide your front spocket into your rear sprocket and multiply by the pulse count ..
            Your stock Front sprocket should be 15 tooth
            Stock Rear rear should be 47 tooth
            And suzuki uses a 4 magnetic point or tip castle nut wich sends the pulses to the hall sensor at a rate of 4 pulses per 360 degree revolution of the front sprocket.

            So 47 rear divided by 15 front times 4 pulses gives you 12.53 pulses per 360degree revolution of the rear tire (this formula should be good on all bikes as long as you know the magnet pulse count of the front sprocket per rev)
            The knock off koso only goes upto 12 pulses so use that .

            Then In put your tire circumfrerence and your done,, mine was 1981 on a worn 17x150 (ill need to change this when a new tire goes on)
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              Ok heres the last part of this equation , and like ive said from day one i dont do this everyday so feel free to correct me if i make a mistake but i think ive got it correct ..

              Ok your el cheapo knock off koso has 3 tach settings for pulses 1,2 & 4,, comon thought would be 1,2&4 cyl but that doesnt seem correct cause there are 3cyl engines and this is universal cluster , so logic would dictate its pulses per revolution,

              here is how i set up and why
              We all know the 750 is a 4cyl however it has 2 coils ea servicing 2cyls . Now my understanding is this , cyl 1&3 and cyl 2&4 run in paralel in other words when 1&3 are at TDC 2&4 are at BDC , now with that in mind you can think of the coil as firing a single piston engine because ea coil fires 2 cyls at a time and there are 2 coils, or think of it as dividing the engine in half with only 2cyls and then the 2coils, each are servicing 1 cyl

              so when you choose your tach pulse setting choose 1 pulse because the coil fires once per full revolution Of the single cyl its servicing not 4


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                One last thing id like to add and i think this will complete the installation , Id like to mention the actual mounting screws , I used #8 self tappers , I would highly discourage their use for the following reason , these screws are not all exactly matched and perfect in their size , when i mounted this speedo i didnt realize this and because of the wall thickness of the plastic and the difference in screw diameters I split one of the mounting towers and had to crazy glue the split together . What i would recomend doing is this , using #8 x 32 machine or electrical screws cut them into studs using your screw cutter on your wire strippers , then double nut the stud and either lube it up lightly or slightly heat it and then drive that into the guage back , remove the double nuts , install your gauge then use either star or lock washers to mount your guage , i dont go super tight so after its mounted i like to put a dab of either thread locker o4 nail polish on the exposed ends of the threads when i use this method
                Hope this helps all you guys with this and other chinese speedos
                Good luck