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GSX600F in a Bradley GT

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  • GSX600F in a Bradley GT

    Can someone help me with some wiring questions regarding the side stand diode and other switches.... Please...

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    What's the problem and have you checked the wiring diagrams in the service manual for your bike to see if that gives you a steer in the right direction?


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      Thanks for the repair manual.....

      Can I delete the side stand diode, relay, and switch.. Will the engine still start.....?


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        You can't get rid of the relay it's integrated with the indicator as one part. With the stand up, allowing the bike to start, the switch is engaged allowing electricity through the diode, you will need to leave the diode in the circuit to protect the relay component it connects to. So you could in theory short the switch connector using a correctly rated diode to mimic the switch being in place and closed. You would of course need to weather proof the 'fudged' connection.

        Out of morbid curiosity why are you trying to do this, it's there for good reason or are you physically removing the side stand as well?


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          I am putting the motor in a kit car....