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Headlight and Start Button

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  • Headlight and Start Button

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before

    I went to start my bike and the headlights didn't come on as they should

    I checked all the fusees and checked the headlight globes, nothing wrong

    then I discovered the start switch on the r/h switch block was stuck on, so I took it apart and discovered the switch was stuck on.

    Apparently the switch can get stuck on due to the effect of current going through the switch because of using above standard headlight globes

    As when the switch is pressed in the headlights are turned off during start up and that is why when it was stuck in the lights weren't working

    So I have ordered a used switch block and will post back how it goes

    I should also note i had to remove the left and right hand faring to get to where the r/h switch is plugged into the bikes wiring harness. it is located above the headlights under the dash

    A new r/h switch block is ~$200AU here in Australia, so I have not only saved myself money in changing the switch, but also in buying a used one

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    if you have a post Kat and get no power to head light check connector behind the front park light. common problem. orange wire I think. terminal overheats and looses contact.
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      Sometimes the entire plug there melts.
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        While that info is true, he already noted the real reason. The post 04+ models have a headlight kill relay associated with the start button... and it was stuck in the on position, which triggers the relay to kill the headlights.

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          Just an update, I fitted the in very good condition used r/h switch and put the bike back together today and the headlights are working again