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tail light stays on

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  • tail light stays on

    i have an 02 katana and the tail light stays on as soon as the key is in the on position. it doesnt get any brighter or dim down when the brakes are applied. it stays at a constant reguardless. ive traced the wires all the way to see if any are rubbing together and i havent found anything as far as that goes. what else am i missing?

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    Bad bulb, bad socket.... no brake use, foot or hand shows at the light?
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      it stays the same no matter which bake i press. ive checked to see if either switch is depressed and neither are. i originally thought that it was wired hot but its not.

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        How bright is your light? When the brake light is on, it's pretty bright. The taillight, like the headlight, is always on, so I'd be willing to guess the brake light bulb is out.
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          If the bulb has been installed 180 degrees out, or is the wrong bulb, it will light up the bright element for the running light = always bright, never dims.

          May also need to adjust the brake light switches. The rear for example screw adjusts. You could disconnect them to verify the adjustments are not the issue.

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