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Ghetto wiring!!!

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  • Ghetto wiring!!!

    Man so the guy I got the bike from did a real bang up job ghetto wiring the electrical and cutting some harnesses out!

    In one of the pictures, 2 wires are held together just by very bad electrical tape job as well....I got some work to do!

    I bought a $30 Speedometer that is suppose to be plug in play with my pre 98 Katana.

    Wow, this guy did a number on the wiring..... I posted it on Imgur because the photos are huge.

    But I get no power when I plug the 9 pin harness together. I'm okay if I have to splice or just take some direct plugs from each pin in the harness to the correct one.

    Who wants to help?!

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    Good luck. With that being so jacked, maybe better to try to eBay one that will require less work?
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      Might be.... I know it "works" to an extent considering I still get power to the starter, and the lights.

      Hopefully there is still hope, if not I'll just look for a new harness....