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Blinkers an headlight. No start?

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  • Blinkers an headlight. No start?

    I took the gauge cluster and headlight off. Made not of where everything went. Used diagram on here . But my question is, why won't she start. The ignition wire wasn't plugged to anything when I started (brown wire). The power (black an white) wire may have been buuuuut it's 30 degrees outside and I'm getting fustrated. Help if you can, I'd appreciate it

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    This makes no sense. Try explaining again. Does it turn over but, not start it is it dead?
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      Did it start before?

      Does it crank/turn over but not start?
      Does it just not crank/turn over at all?

      Is it getting power to the spark plugs?
      Good charge on the battery?


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        Ok my bad. I changed the headlight. Hooked up the wires then nothing. Blew a fuse, changed it. Still didn't turn on or turn over. Changed the bulb. Then it started right up. Idk how the bulb had anything to do with start but she's purrin now