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O5 kat dominator headlights

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  • O5 kat dominator headlights

    Ok, this thing was layed down and left to sit,
    Does anyone know of a good supplier of decent domintors?

    i was gonna restore this thing, only dollar for dollar its just not worth it ,any how the new part going on is the headlight, wich is the reason im going streetfighter on this bike , almost every used headlight i came across was blown out wether it was $20 or $200 didnt make a difference,, so im looking at dumping dominators on this thing. So you would think that would be easy, buy n install? HA!, what im finding out is theres a ton of variables here, construction quality first, next is the lenses ece, dot or no mark, ea has a different beam pattern (wich is why im seeing mixed reviews on these lights), then theres bulbs , h4 usually , but then there 30/35s an 55/60s, (again prob another reason for mixed reviews) so im trying to get some type of brand to look for of wich ones are bad and wich are good, and how the good either ece or dot with 55/60s have performed for someone over stock