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Pre kat ignition bypass question

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  • Pre kat ignition bypass question

    Hey guys so i broke my key and decided to run a toggle switch until i decide how im gonna go about fixing my issue..(either locksmith or new ignition switch altogether) and what i did was unplug the switch at the harness and tap into that.... There are four wires red orange white and tan..... So i ran the red to the on side of the switch and on the off side i ran a wire to the white which allowed the bike ro turn on and start and another to the tan which made the taillight turn on..... It seems to be working fine i guess my question is... Is it ok to be wired like this? What exactly is the orange wire for? Is it even necessary.... Keep in mind this is just temproary so i can ride until i get a new ignition.... But i dont want to fry anything.... All opinions are appreciated.....

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    Your colors may be faded but...

    Red is the power in. Starter and starter relay has power separate from the ignition switch (meaning power goes to starter relay, then breaker, then splits off to the ignition switch.

    Gray (maybe faded to white) is some dash lights and switches like engine stop.

    Brown (maybe faded to tan...) is tail light and license plate.

    Orange is the primary power wire for most all the rest of the electrical system. The alternator's regulator, headlight, gauges, and ignition control module.

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      Ok cool so i guess the way i have it wired will be ok for now then im using a two prong swtich so im just using the red wire on one side as my power source and i have two wires on the other side going to gray and another to brown...... Everything on the bike is working as it should.... Lights, kill switches, etc.... I guess i just didnt know if it was a smart thing to not use the orange for now.... And krey i got to say man i love your pre kat i hope to have mine as awesome as you have yours someday..... Although im probably gonna go the easier route with the back wheel and just do a 4.5 inch from a post kat lol ive checked out a few of your posts and its awesome!!! And you were right my wires are a bit faded lol!!!!
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