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100/80 watt bulbs?

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  • 100/80 watt bulbs?

    Goodmorning everyone. Here's a question. Can 100/80 h4 bulbs cause the headlight connectors to melt?... just before getting on the highway my 03 600 starts smoking from under the gauges. After getting her home I pull off the headlights to find that both connectors were prettymuch melted lumps of plastic. I cut the wires put in new connectors and replaced the bulbs with 60/55 h 4's. I understand why the po put 100 watt bulbs, so that he could compensate for the fact that he tinted the headlights black. But could these bulbs have caused the problem?

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      Thanks for the quick response bro. Would it also cause excessive battery drain


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        Originally posted by chewbacca View Post
        Thanks for the quick response bro. Would it also cause excessive battery drain
        If the bike isn't running, sure.

        If the bike is running, the alternator uses feedback on how much power to generate to counter that. Your alternator has more than enough avail to it to run those lights, but there are other issues.

        You would have thin wires and thus over taxing them issues as you experienced with those hot of bulbs. Additionally the casing your putting them in is not rated for that much heat generation, so even if you modded the wiring harness for them to work, you would melt the headlight casing eventually.

        If you want more light, you need to swap to low heat output options. If you do it right, there are HID or LED options available to retrofit. Just make sure you do it right with the light cut off properly setup so your not blinding other people.

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          Sorry for the late response, but thankyou for the input brothers it's greatly appreciated.