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At what RPM does the kat charge?

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  • At what RPM does the kat charge?

    Went for a ride today,30 or 40 miles. No issues.I was goosing her hard. Anyway come home fueled up and started again no issues. Rode 60mph at 3-4 k for 15 miles. Stopped at a friend's house for 30 min and got back on no issues. Got 10 miles away,cop had lights on so I pulled over and killed it thinking it was me. He flew by. I went to start it and she bogged down and wouldn't start. Tossed her in 2nd and pop started her and off I went like a banshee again. Got her home after screaming home and pulled in the garage. Shut her down waited a few and started up but with little bogging. Is it possible that under 5k she doesn't charge?
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    ??? What do you mean bogging down?
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      I presume he means slow turnover? What is the health of the battery?

      Some mods you can perform include replacing your ground and starting cables with a larger gauge wire (you'll need access to lug crimpers, or go online for pre-made cables), so you can run your R/R direct to battery via inline fuse, eliminating harness. Just, make sure your battery and charging system are healthy though, otherwise ur chasing your tail.
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        Hot bike having issues turning over is a good sign of possible poor connections. Heat will cause problem spots to have higher resistance. That basically means you will get less effective power on the starter.

        I'd start there.... cleaning and using dielectric grease on all connection points. Also verify your charging voltages at rpms cold vs hot.

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          Well I tested last night. Battery is new and 13v motor off key on with headlight on hi beam. Fired it up and tested battery at 5k rpm and got 14.6ish. Seems it's charging. Might be a loose connection somewhere