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98 Katana 600 has no power!

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  • 98 Katana 600 has no power!

    Hopefully this is in the right place. I need help! This is my first bike, a 98 Katana 600. Ran perfect when I bought it, stripped it down and had the fairings painted, new tires and just when I got it tagged and insured... bam it starts acting up. So here's what it's doing.

    I rode it to lunch and on the way back it started skipping, felt like the chain was jumping teeth. But then it had almost like a low rev limiter, would rev to maybe 4 grand and have a slow limiter and then it died. Started it back up and it was fine. Few days later it did the same thing and then died. It had no power to anything except the neutral light and the oil light on the dash. Next day started fine, after about 20 minutes died again and same thing, no power to anything but the two dash lights. After a few days of this now it has nothing at all but the dash lights. Nothing electrical works, no horn, lights, starter, nothing.

    I changed the starter solenoid but it didn't help anything. I've checked fuses and the all check out ok. I can jump the starter wire and the started will spin over. I'm don't know what to check next, thanks!

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    First, have the battery load tested. It's can cause baldness if not tested first. Second, check all of your connections, clean and coat with dielectric grease. Third, Check all fuses, even the main on the starter relay. Fourth, Check the loom for chaffing at engine and frame contact points.
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      Battery reads 12.3 volts with a meter but I have not load tested it. All fuses have been checked also. I guess I'll go through the harness and check all the wires out