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trying to repair stolen bike

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  • trying to repair stolen bike

    so about 2 weeks ago my 94 750 Kat got stolen from work, well i got it back today and it has been completely stripped of fairings and headlight assembly. they just cut through the whole front half of the harness.

    Im trying to identify the wires from the gauge area but i cant read the diagram very well can anybody identify the wires in my pic and tell me what they go to? im going to install a vaypor i think and want to have all my ducks in a row.

    I know the 3 thicker wires White, Yellow, Black/White are for headlight assembly

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    Blow up the diagram for the area you need.
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      The wiring diagram has your answer, just learn how to read it, that ain't so hard.
      WOW! I didn't know the pre 750 had enough value for theft?
      I'll have to be careful myself.


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        Or ebay a harness for 50 bux